AgileSec™ Analytics

Post-Quantum &
Crypto-Agility Workshops

Quantum computing is a matter of time, and adopting a crypto-agile approach is critical to protecting digital systems and data from the quantum threat – now and into the future.

InfoSec Global's hands-on, interactive workshops leverage unparalleled cryptography subject matter expertise and unique IP to teach you how to keep your digital systems and sensitive data safe and secure in a post-quantum world.

Learn from the
cryptography experts.

Facilitated by InfoSec Global cryptography subject matter experts, AgileSec workshops include sessions on a variety of topics to help customers restore their cryptography health, migrate to a crypto-agile approach and prepare for future threats posed by post-quantum computing.

Leverage leading post-quantum crypto agility tools and patented technology.

As the leader in post-quantum cryptography and crypto-agility, InfoSec Global has 12 crypto agility-related patents, works closely with post-quantum crypto providers and has post-quantum crypto algorithm candidates (SIKE, SPHINCS+) in final selection stages with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Workshop participants benefit from all this and more - like ISG's industry-leading Crypto Agility Management Platform - to get a one-of-a-kind, hands-on post-quantum workshop experience.

Expect practical results.

Participants emerge from the workshops with a deeper understanding of post-quantum cryptography, crypto-agility or other relevant topics, and walk away with real-world knowledge and a practical action plan that can be applied to the workplace immediately.