Agile Root of TrusT
for Critical Systems

Trust Management Root

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Trust Management Root Demo

  • Create dedicated security domains
  • Provision symmetric keys
  • Provision public key certificates
  • Establish secure management channel
  • Encrypt application data
  • Load dedicated crypto libraries at runtime
  • Install new crypto libraries
  • Use crypto within ARC applications

TMR Setup Overview

The Trust Management Root Solution includes the end-point trusted management root which is integrated within ARC SecureShield and combined with a management platform. Hosted within the company infrastructure, the TMR Solution controls the lifecycle of keying material and cryptography.

TMR Provisioning & Key Management

Thanks to Infosec Global's unique agility layer, the root-of-trust can seamlessly support multiple keying material depending on security domain owner. This segregation ensures authorized entities can perform cryptographic functions using their own dedicated keying material.

Key TMR Capabilities

The key objectives of Infosec Global’s Trust Management Root is to provide organizations with crypto agility and control over sensitive keying material and cryptographic foundations used by their critical systems. The solution brings state-of-the-art security capabilities to 3rd party systems along with an agile cryptography foundation.

Secure Provisioning

Make sure devices are securely enrolled with company keying material

Secure Identities

Make sure only trusted devices
are able to access IoT network

Secure Data

Make sure sensitive data at-rest and in transit are encrypted

Secure Updates

Make sure devices only accept system/firmware updates they
can verify

Secure Key Store

Make sure sensitive keying material is stored in secure environment

Secure Execution

Make sure critical operations run in trusted execution environment

Secure Boot

Make sure only trusted Make sure only trusted executed

Security Lifecycle

Make sure to have proactive security control of connected devices