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BSAFE is no more. What that means for you.

With RSA no longer using the library of cryptographic functions BSAFE, developers need a cryptographic solution that is safe and reliable to implement now and in the future.

Infosec Global's founders are the original inventors of pervasive web security technologies like SSL. They continue to lead the industry with innovative cryptography solutions.

Our cryptography platform goes above and beyond RSA's BSAFE with Agile Crypto solutions that solve today's crypto problems and support the technologies of the future, including quantum computing.

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InfoSec Global’s AGILESEC SDK

When you need to seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art cryptography and security into your applications, solutions, and devices, use the AgileSec SDK. This C-based cross-platform software development kit implements the strongest internationally standardized cryptography available today. Its Multi-Crypto Tools support country-specific sovereign and custom cryptography, as well as newly created cryptographic algorithms.