Agilesec VPN

VPN Solution Empowered with Agile Cryptography

When your virtual private network (VPN) requires sovereign or custom cryptography, you need a solution that supports more than just cryptography and security protocols based on the international standards. Agilesec VPN is a commercial off-the-shelf, enterprise-ready VPN solution that is developed and supported by Infosec Global. It allows customers to protect their networks with trusted sovereign or custom cryptographic algorithms, along with the strongest internationally standardised cryptography. Agilesec VPN is developed using Agilesec SDK, which makes it possible for already deployed networks to switch to updated or newly created cryptographic algorithms, including post-quantum cryptography, any time in the future. Agilesec VPN already includes post-quantum cryptography implementations making quantum-safe network deployment a reality.

Agilesec Enabled VPN

Agile Crypto
Superior protection
Integrating Agilesec Crypto into Agilesec VPN makes it possible to swap cryptography implementations at runtime.
Specific Crypto 
Sovereign and custom solutions
When needed, protect your virtual private networks with trusted localised or custom cryptography.
Quantum Safe
Post-quantum implementation
Agilesec VPN makes it possible to use post-quantum cryptography for network  security.
Flexible Deployment
Software and hardware options
Agilesec VPN is offered as a software product or as a pre-installed hardware and software solution.
Modern dashboard interface
Agilesec VPN can accommodate the most stringent security constraints and requirements.
Enterprise Features
Centralized management
Agilesec VPN is designed with a view to  manage large-scale networks of complex topology.
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Centralized Management

The Agilesec VPN Dashboard is the key component of the Agilesec VPN centralized management system. This graphic web interface of the Agilesec VPN Management Station is designed for efficient setup and everyday management of large-scale networks of various topology. It simplifies and speeds up  routine network administration tasks including setup and configuration of VPNs and their individual appliances. The interactive map interface provides real-time information about the current connection status, location and other details of the existing VPNs and nodes. Such features as templates for security association policies, a broad selection of the strongest available cryptographic algorithms, and reliable default values provide for faster and secure deployment of new VPNs.

Clear and logical
Using the Agilesec VPN Dashboard, set up and administer VPN nodes, topology, tunnels, and certificates quickly and efficiently.
Operational responsiveness
Manage all your virtual private networks remotely from one location. Track and resolve issues in real time.
Controlled cryptography
Enforce network security policies and deploy cryptography updates to the selected nodes or the whole network.
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Network Protection Resources

AgileSec VPN Datasheet
An IPsec VPN solution developed and supported by Infosec Global that can be configured to use standard-based, sovereign, or custom cryptography in virtual private networks that require premium security.
February 5, 2017