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AgileScan is a security management solution that quickly, easily, and automatically generates an inventory of cryptographic algorithms and certificates found in software and systems across the enterprise. It pro-actively hunts for cryptographic risks and vulnerabilities. AgileScan accelerates cryptographic compliance and post-quantum readiness for Enterprises, Governments, and OEMs.

The Process

ISG has a proven methodology and process to conduct cryptographic discovery engagement with top-tier organizations. ISG Crypto Experts, together with AgileScan, can help organization discover and remediate to hidden cryptographic compromises and plan for further automation and enhancements.
Deploy AgileScan Solution for Company to perform cryptographic discovery across hosts, apps and network.
Build and inventory of cryptography (keys, certs, algorihtms) present within scanned systems.
Assess severity of finding and based on ISG crypto knowledge database and isolate critical vulnerabilities.
build a tailored crypto risk report for the organization with key findings and recommendations from ISG Crypto experts.

Key Capabilities

C3 Text

Crypto Health

Enable organizations to start building an inventory of cryptographic assets present within their digital ecosystem and uncover hidden critical vulnerabilitie.


Detect and report digital certificates found with vulnerabilities (e.g. self-signed end-entity, weak public key, weak signature, ...)


Detect and report hidden cryptographic keys with vulnerabilities (e.g. hardcoded, weak key size, weak algorihtm, ...)


Detect and report algorithms present within applications with vulnerabilities (e.g. broken algorithm, non-compliant, ...)


Detect and report key store present across infrastructure.

Crypto Libraries

Detect and report cryptographic libraries with vulnerabilities (e.g. heartbleed, ...)
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