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Founded by world-class security experts to lead innovation in the field of cyber security and cryptography

Who we are
World-class experts and innovators
in the field of cyber security and cryptography
Our mission
Redefine and lead the pivotal Agile Crypto Market
We offer
Agile Crypto platform for real-time interoperability and cryptography management of critical systems
Our leadership
International team of the industry pioneers who continuously shape the world of cryptography

Legendary Crypto Leadership

“InfoSec Global has the most powerful skills in the world in cryptography.”

Dr. Taher Elgamal

Father of SSL, co-founder
“Security is not only about preventing attacks, security technologies are key enabling technologies for the future of IT.”

Prof. Dr. Ueli Maurer

Advisor, Prof. ETH Zurich
“Strong cryptography is still the basis for trustworthy security.”

Prof. Dr. Vincent Rijmen

Advisor, Prof. KU Leuven
“While the core tools in cryptography are quite well understood, implementing these tools securely and efficiently in large-scale applications is extremely challenging.”

Prof. Dr. Alfred Menezes

Advisor, Prof. UofW
“Cost-effective response to the constantly increasing number of threats requires flexibility and understanding of long-term developments.”

Prof. Dr. Arjen Lenstra

Advisor, Prof. EPFL
“The Internet today is built on an antiquated model of trust. Updated network security methods are needed for higher assurance.”

Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig

Advisor, Prof. ETH Zurich

Our Agile Crypto Platform

Our Agile Crypto Platform enables the real-time interoperability of standard, custom, and multi-crypto solutions for remote cryptography management of critical systems.

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Benefits of Crypto Agility


Ensure that  trusted crypto foundations can be applied homogeneously across an entire digital ecosystem


Enable communications for systems using different sets of cryptography, such as  post-quantum, standard, or custom


Dynamically select the best cipher implementation according to actual security requirements


Speed up detection and remediation of crypto threats within a complex digital ecosystem


Ensure that systems rely on state-of-the-art ciphers designed to resist emerging crypto threats


Immediately and seamlessly enforce usage of new ciphers once they become available

Products and Services

Empower Critical systems with AGILE CRYPTOGRAPHY

AgileSec Crypto SDK facilitates integration of cryptographic agility into your solutions, applications, and devices.

Swap or load new crypto implementations at runtime.

Ensure interoperability across systems using different cryptography.

Take advantage of the new crypto algorithms once they become available.

AgileSec Crypto SDK


AgileSec Crypto SDK enables building state-of-the-art cryptography into your solutions, applications, and devices.

State-of-the-art elliptic curve cryptography

Sophisticated countermeasures to resist side-channel attacks

Strict coding standards and defensive programming

AgileSec Crypto SDK


AgileSec VPN is an agile crypto-enabled solution which allows organisations to introduce localised or custom cryptography into their network infrastructure

State-of-the-art VPN foundation with agile crypto capabilities

Support of traditional, post-quantum, national, and customised cryptography

Centralised management of cryptographic algorithms used in the virtual private network

AgileSec VPN

Security Assessment and AdviCE

AgileSec Cyber Assurance leverages unique skills of our cryptography experts to assess your exposure to crypto and cyber risks

Assess the digital ecosystem of your organisation for cyber risks

Provide cyber security recommendations

Leverage industry veterans and experts in cryptography

AgileSec Cyber Assurance
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