Meet our Experts and Pioneers in Digital Trust!

The backbone of digital trust is broken, and we're on a mission to heal it. We have been developing crypto-agility management solutions since 2013 to empower enterprises to discover, remediate and control their cryptography assets through a dynamic life cycle management approach.

About Us

We created a new paradigm that helps enterprises and IoT device makers to protect digital systems at the data level.

Future-Proof by Design

Proprietary solutions powered by patented technology to protect from quantum threats

End-to-End Solution

Centrally manages the cryptographic lifecycle within hardware, software and digital systems

Supporting Zero Trust Security

Transformative SaaS-based cryptographic agility management platform

Leadership Team

With over 150 years of collective experience in the Cybersecurity and IT industry, InfoSec Global provides technology innovation, thought leadership and expertise in cryptographic agility management through its seasoned leadership team.

Taher Elgamal

Taher is the original inventor of key cryptographic technologies, protocols and standards in data security and digital signatures. He is known as the ‘father of SSL.’ Dr Elgamal is a recipient of the RSA Conference 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award. He has held several executive roles at technology and security companies and sits on the board of numerous companies.

Nagy Moustafa

CEO & Co-founder
Nagy Moustafa, an entrepreneur with vision and passion, holds a long history of driving ideas from conception to reality. Nagy has been instrumental in founding and funding business operations across the international market. His global experience in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East have led to many significant ideas eventually being delivered to the marketplace.

Julien Probst

Chief Customer Officer
14+ years of experience in international business, entrepreneurship, product innovation, venture capital and operations within the high-tech and cybersecurity markets.

Ali Ahmed

Chief Technology Officer
Ali is based in northern California, where he was previously the CTO at TeleSense. Ali brings a strong expertise in Entrepreneurship and Technology that will be key to our scalability. He has a strong background in development and he will also work directly with our US based customers.

Zubin Dastoor

Chief Financial Officer
17+ years of experience in financial corporate strategy and business development.

Ninaa Persad

VP of Customer Operations
17+ years of experience building and scaling high performance teams to drive pipeline and revenue in the IT industry.

Dr. Vladimir Soukharev

VP of Cryptographic Research and Development
10+ years of experience leading Innovations and optimizations in modern cryptography and post-quantum initiatives.

David Steiner

Managing Director Switzerland
10+ years of experience leading marketing communication and business development in the security industry.

Business & Technical Advisors

Meet the world-class leaders in cybersecurity, cryptography, government and enterprise, helping us transform data care.

Joachim Kunkel

Board Observer
General Manager Solutions Group, Corporate Staff at Synopsys.

Bob Foresman

Board Member
Former Vice Chairman, UBS Investment Bank. Former Barclays Group Country Head, representing and coordinating the activities of Barclays Group, including investment banking and wealth management.

Doug Levin

Business Advisor
Founder, CEO, Board Member, Advisor & Investor. XIR & lecturer at HBS. Mentor & lecturer at MIT.

Adrian Perrig

Advisor, Prof. ETH Zurich
Head of the ETH institute of Information Security, Professor at ETH Zurich, Adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Brian O’Higgins

Crypto & Security Advisor
Co-founder and CTO of Entrust, founding executive and CTO of Third Brigade. Angel investor, serves on corporate boards and advisory boards.

Mark Minevich

Business Advisor
President of Going Global Ventures. Digital Cognitive Strategist, Artificial Intelligence expert, Venture Capitalist, Innovation CTO, author & columnist.

Edna Conway

Business Advisor
VP & GM Global Security, Risk & Compliance, Azure at Microsoft.

Bruce McConnell

Business Advisor
President of the EastWest Institute. He leads EWI’s Global Cooperation in Cyberspace program, working with governments and companies to increase the safety, security and stability of life in cyberspace.

Balz M. Villiger

Board Member
Vice President & Country General Manager at Kelly, former SVP RUAG

Saqib Syed

Business Advisor
Entrepreneur, experienced investor, and advisor in the area of Enterprise IT/Cloud Management, Security, Data Science, and IoT.

Peter Armstrong

Business Advisor
25+ years as a Cyber Security, Risk Management and Cyber Insurance Executive. Fellow of the Institute of Directors (UK). Led sensitive cyber security activities within Defence industry.

Richard Entrup

Strategic Advisor
Extensive background in technology, cybersecurity and innovation with global brands including Verizon, Christie’s, Disney/ABC, and Time Warner.

Christoph Koch

Business Advisor
CTO and Sales Specialist Lead of Cisco Switzerland. Christoph has an extensive background in delivering innovative software-defined networking, cloud, and security solutions.