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AgileSec™ SDK

Easily connect your applications to agile cryptography management through our application programming interface. The SDK hides the complexities of cryptography from developers and allows end customers to control their cryptography, including using traditional and post-quantum cryptography without changing the application.


Enables applications to transition to post-quantum cryptography without having to change the source code.


Customers choose the algorithms that meet their policies and governance requirements.


Plug-in architecture allows customers to add new algorithms or algorithm implementations that they want.


Customers control (and change) cryptography for each application through centralized, policy management.

Industry-Leading Cryptographic Support

AgileSec™ SDK for
Enterprises and IoT

Cryptographic algorithm selection is critical to secure product design, affecting not only the security posture of a product but also the geopolitical regions of the world where a product can be sold.

The AgileSec™ Software Development Kit multi-cryptographic framework allows ciphers to be replaced in software and hardware solutions before and after delivery into the end customer’s hands, configuring products to meet the localized cryptography requirements of the most security-conscious customers.

Select Cryptography

Define the list of cryptographic algorithms that an application must use to protect sensitive information. The policy is dynamic and can change on demand.

Select Provider via Policy

Dynamically enforce cryptographic policies by selecting the appropriate cryptographic providers, algorithms and keying material.

Secure Provisioning

Automatically update keying material generated by the provisioning process. Allow applications to utilize keying material for authentication, signing, and encryption.

Secure Channel

The application's agility layer, using standard cryptography and side-channel countermeasures, encrypts data over the channel. Your chosen cryptographic policy dictates the applicable symmetric encryption algorithms and parameters.

Dynamic Cryptographic Providers

Select from a range of cryptographic providers, both open-source and commercial, to suit your data protection needs across applications and systems.

Remote Cryptographic Control

Leverage a software-based server component to centralize the management of cryptography. Securely control the definition and enforcement of cryptographic policy, including cryptographic providers and keying material.

How It Works

Build It Once
Secure It Anytime, Anywhere

AgileSec™ SDK  is a cryptographic implementation to be used within source-code of software or hardware solution to perform cryptographic functions.

Build Sensitive Applications for All Platforms

Windows (x86), Linux (x86, ARM), MacOS (x86), iOS(ARM), Android (ARM) or any other systems supporting AINSI C. Wrappers for different language of AgileSec API, including but not limited to AINSI C and JAVA that ensure interoperability.

Build for All Security Requirements

Accelerate Go-to-Market by leveraging a trusted, optimized, quantum safe, certified and agile cryptographic implementation. Secure component allowing to dynamically load and combine cryptographic providers depending on policy settings. All of it on a ​​small and modern cryptographic codebase.

Access All Types of Cryptographic Providers

Choose whatever cryptography you need. The AgileSec™ SDK works with standard, FIPS-certified, PQC, hybrid, sovereign or hardware providers and even your own providers through an API. Integrations include OpenSSl, Boucycastle, tRoot and others.

Develop With Expert Support and Security Testing Tools

Enterprise support including access to InfoSec Global experts with complete set of documentation, strict coding guidelines and examples. Use our set of security testing tools to verify the implementation of cryptographic algorithms against test vectors.

Perform All the Cryptographic Functions You Need

With our intuitive and abstract Cryptographic API, you can perform complex cryptographic functions independently from cryptographic implementation, including symmetric encryption & modes, asymmetric encryption, key agreement, digital signatures, hash functions, message authentication, random number, and elliptic curves cryptography.


See AgileSec™ SDK in Use

Unleash crypto-agility excellence by remotely replacing end-product cryptography whenever your security needs evolve. Whether you want to future-proof critical IoT systems or critical enterprise infrastructures, the AgileSec™ SDK will simplify development and reduce your support costs.

Multi-domain Multi-crypto

Enable Trust and Cryptography Management Within Multi-domains Clouds Environments.

Cryptography Modernization

Future-Proof Critical Infrastructures by Migrating to Crypto-Agility and Hybrid Cryptography.

Multi-crypto Root-of-Trust

Enable Semiconductors to Support Current, Future, or Sovereign Cryptography Standards.

Future-proof Long Life Systems

Future-Proof Critical IoT Systems Seamlessly, Update, Change, and Control Cryptography and Identities.

Build Secure Products and Sell Them Anywhere!

Simplified development and reduced support costs to build for any cryptographic requirements.

Build Quantum-proof Solutions

Empowers your products with the most advanced encryption methods to protect data-at-rest, data-in-transit, transactions and access to digital assets.

Build Once — Adapt Anytime

Replace cryptography without source code modifications with a highly intuitive cryptographic library made to reduce developer error risks.