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AgileSec™ Analytics

Discover and Build a Complete Inventory of Keys, Certificates, Algorithms, Libraries, and Protocols in Seconds, Not Months!

360° Visibility

Find machine identities and cryptography hidden in hosts, systems, source code, and binary files.

Automate Processes

Fully automate and customize processes to discover, inventory, analyze, and report findings.

Fast Deployment

Non-invasive sensor installation on end-points and flexible deployment to servers.

Scalable Scanning

Scalable approach via out-the box sensors embedded with leading end-point management systems.

Discover and Analyze Your Cryptographic Posture

Cryptography is Everywhere, but It is Often Overlooked!

Discover and inventory all your cryptographic assets, whether on-premise or in the cloud! AgileSec™ Analytics helps you to quickly scan core systems, build a cryptography inventory, detect hidden vulnerabilities, and proactively monitor cryptography status.

Mitigate Risk

Create an accurate inventory of all instances of cryptography, known and unknown,  including in web servers, hosts, applications, network, and cloud systems, without complex manual source code inspections.

Deep Insights

Quickly understand where and how you use certificates, keys, keystores, cryptographic libraries, and algorithms. Create custom reports ranging from compliance metrics to certificate management, all from the AgileSec™ Analytics dashboard.

Built-in Expertise

Leverage industry-leading threat intelligence and cryptographic expertise to focus your remediation efforts on the most serious vulnerabilities affecting critical systems.


Automatically verify that your operational systems, applications, and network services use up-to-date, compliant cryptography adhering to industry standards, such as NIST, and regulations like PCI-DSS.

Tested & Proven

NIST has validated our technology as part of the NCCoE PQC Migration Initiative, and we already comply with FIPS and SOC2 standards.

How It Works

Monitor Cryptography Across Large-Scale Environments

AgileSec™ Analytics is an enterprise-level security solution, empowering you to build an exhaustive inventory of all cryptographic assets dispersed throughout your digital landscape. Promptly identify potential cryptographic vulnerabilities, misuse, or compliance breaches, and augment your existing systems to automate processes, including remediation, enrichment via CMDB, and risk reporting in existing GRC tools.

Connect Your Infrastructure: Deploy Sensors

Deploy lightweight, purpose-built sensors for maximum coverage with minimal impact on operations, or leverage your existing EDR agent to collect cryptographic information.

Analyze Your Cryptography: Build Inventory

Detect cryptographic objects, such as SSL certificates, SSH keys, and more, hidden in file systems, network interfaces, and remote servers.

Understand How You Use Cryptography: Correlation

AgileSec™ Analytics applies advanced correlation between the cryptographic objects discovered and their unique instances—providing a more complete overview of security events. Detections are correlated to proactively identify and prevent risks, including private key leakage and expired certificates.

Guide Your Response: Cryptographic Reporting

AgileSec™ Analytics provides advanced reporting, dashboarding and data presentation capabilities. It integrates several customizable dashboards to meet specific requirements, including creating dedicated plans to migrate to post-quantum security and agile cryptography, or to help you rank the most pressing remediations.

Strengthen Your Infrastructure: Enforce Policies

AgileSec™ Analytics Policy Engine continuously monitors your cryptography inventory to identify vulnerabilities and generate alerts with detailed information and contextual background. Cryptographic findings go through a scoring and analysis process to flag your most significant risks, including insecure key size, compromised certificates, or quantum vulnerable algorithm usage.


Easily Integrate With Tanium, CrowdStrike, Microsoft and Others

Leverage the tools you use every day to collect information about the cryptographic assets deployed across your digital landscape. Create other capabilities, such as querying artifacts from a remote repository using our custom APIs.

Fit Into Your Infrastructure
Azure Key Vault
Entrust CertHub
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Copilot for Security
Microsoft Sentinel
Venafi Marketplace

See AgileSec™ Analytics in Use

AgileSec™ Analytics is a powerful solution for enterprises and government agencies. With its comprehensive approach, you can expect continuous visibility into potential threats and immediate response.

For Financial Institutions

Inventory Cryptography and Prepare Migration to Quantum Security.

For Semiconductors

Build Crypto-Agile and Quantum-Ready Chiplet.

For Insurance Companies

D​iscover Crypto Vulnerabilities Across Crown Jewels Systems.

For Government Agencies

Enable Crypto Agility With PQC and National Cryptography.

For Telecom Industry

Prepare for Transition to Post-Quantum Cryptography.

For Tech Organizations

Discover Usage of Cryptography Across Complex Code Base.

Unparalleled Visibility

Ensure That Your Company is Taking the Right Path Towards Agile Cryptography

Cryptography is the foundation of zero trust security in financial transactions, distributed blockchains, IoT communications, machine identities, public-key infrastructures, and many more instances. Discovering where current cryptographic assets reside is the first step in preparing for a post-quantum future and agile cryptography.

Explore Crypto-Agility

Centralized Cryptography Inventory

Efficiently assess your infrastructure's cryptography deployment and pinpoint critical vulnerabilities. Our built-in expertise explains and ranks each finding based on technical severity and organizational relevance according to your policies.

Integrates With Your Enterprise Workflows

Deploy on-premises or in private clouds without dedicated machine installations. Our flexible server deployment, powerful APIs, and pre-built integrations augment your existing tools and automate operational tasks.

Secure Weak Links in Your Supply Chain

Prevent third-party breaches by reducing the risk of supply chain attacks like the 2020 SolarWinds incident. Our cutting-edge cryptography discovery technology can examine binary executables from third-party vendors and operating systems without source code access.

Generate Compliance and Health Reports

Quickly create customizable reports and dashboards for CROs and CISOs. Review cryptographic health and compliance metrics to prioritize remediation actions without needing your own cryptography experts.

Ransomware and Secret Keys Leakage Mitigation

Recognize ransomware and quickly neutralize compromised secret keys. Detect and prevent run-time execution of malicious cryptography and identify sensitive private keys stored in plaintext or hardcoded into binaries.

Chart a Course to Your Post-Quantum Future

With visibility to your current use of cryptography, you can prioritize the steps to get to your post-quantum future. Our experts are here to help you on that path.

Are You Using Vulnerable or Non-Compliant Cryptography?

Find out by signing up for a complimentary cryptography health check.