The Crypto Agile Advantage

Cryptography is the core of digital trust. If cryptography is weak or compromised, everything is at risk. Today, cryptography is so fragmented and it is nearly impossible to patch vulnerabilities without major disruptions. With countries moving away from global standards and industries regulated more than ever, continuous cryptographic compliance is critical.

ISG’s Crypto Agility platform does just this, by enabling enterprises, manufacturers and governments to manage and secure data against current threats and prepare for future ones. The Crypto Agility platform adapts to evolving cryptographic regulations and unpredictable compromises. It empowers operators of devices and systems with the flexibility to make in-field changes, automated remediation, access quality cryptographic providers and transform cryptographic architecture.


Crypto Agility Layer / API

Abstract Cryptographic Engines

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Problems we Solve

Expiration of Cryptography
Cryptography has a shelf life and must be regularly updated to maintain an appropriate security level.
Migration & Material Risk Costs
Patching cryptography across your systems requires significant effort and specific skills to avoid mistakes. A single vulnerability in cryptography is highly critical and must be immediately patched.
Compliance breaches
Using unsecure or outdated cryptography in your systems can be a breach of data protection regulations.


Flexible Cryptography
The Crypto Agility platform gives you flexibility and control of your cryptography, resulting in quick transformation processes.
Vulnerability Management
The Crypto Agility platform saves you time and resources by automating the remediation process.
Adaptive and Quantum Ready
The Crypto Agility platform adapts to different cryptographic climates allowing for enhanced industry compliance and built-in readiness for a post-quantum world.

How it Works, Step-by-Step

Deploy Crypto Agility Architecture
Enable your sensitive applications with agile cryptographic architecture by integrating ISG's AgileSec SDK and start decoupling underlying cryptographic algorithms.
Define Your Crypto Policy
Define the cryptographic functions that should be used to protect sensitive information independently from the development team. With a cryptographic policy, security teams are in control of their cryptography.
Dynamically Swap Algorithms
Dynamically remove obsolete algorithms and deploy new ones without source code modifications. The application can leverage cryptographic mechanisms that were not initially planned when it was released.
Bring Your Own Crypto
Enable your applications with any cryptographic capabilities, including post-quantum or sovereign algorithms, from your trusted implementation(s), and while ensuring interoperability with international standards.


Supports security optimizations for integration in embedded & constrained environments.
Streamlines in-field provisioning of cryptography for devices and software.
Future Proof
Prepares systems to migrate to future cryptographic standards (ex/ post-quantum). Our team is here to support you every step of the way.
Resilient Cryptography
Embeds side-channel resistant post-quantum, ECC & standard cryptography.
Accelerates release of new products and lowers their long-term servicing costs with always up-to-date encryption.
Many data protection regulations and legislations require organizations to ensure that the data they are storing is adequately protected.

Use Cases

Agility For Applications
Ensures applications you deploy within your operational environment are running safe and compliant with cryptographic standards, without requiring complex manual source code inspections.
Quantum Safe
The Crypto Agility platform prepares your applications, devices, and data for a post-quantum reality.
Agility For Embedded Systems
Embedded devices previously deployed may be left in the field for years, making updates costly and difficult. The Crypto Agility platform guarantees those devices can be protected when new threats arise.
AgileSec VPN
ISG's AgileSec VPN establishes multiple network links encrypted with multiple cryptographic algorithms, including post-quantum, sovereign and classical encryption.
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Improved accuracy of risk reporting
Greater cyber resilience for clients
Better prepared and empowered DevOp teams in the face of threats
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