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Top Tier Market

We focus on regulated organizations, including large financial institutions, governments, and technology companies subject to stringent security constraints and starting their journey toward quantum security and cryptographic agility.

Leading Innovation

We provide unique technologies and products in the field of cryptographic agility management. AgileSec™ Agility Platform has been certified by leading institutions and holds several patents.

Cryptography Specialists

We help organizations discover and control all cryptographic assets, giving them a complete view across their complex digital environments. With that visibility, organizations can easily see and fix vulnerabilities today and prioritize actions to avoid vulnerabilities in the future.


We have long-standing relationships with partners such as Accenture, Thales, Synopsys, Utimaco, ServiceNow, CrowdStrike, and Merlin Cyber. We integrate with leading risk reporting and cybersecurity platforms to streamline your workflows.

Trusted Globally

The Leading Provider of Agile Cryptography Management Solutions

As the pioneer and leader in Cryptographic Agility Management solutions, InfoSec Global secures the world’s data by helping organizations discover, inventory, remediate and control their cryptographic assets with agile cryptography. From cryptographic asset discovery to ensuring a seamless transition to stronger cryptographic standards, our solutions restore digital trust to enterprises and governments.

Technology validated by NIST for NCCoE PQC Migration Initiative

Co-Author of SPHINCS+ (SLH-DSA), a new PQC algorithm under standardization by NIST​

Established track record in cryptographic agility management since 2014

Achieved FIPS and SOC 2 Compliance and Certifications

Platform already deployed by leading organizations in finance, technology, telecom, and government

Established strategic alliances with large OEMs and Global channel partners

Our People

“Our leadership and R&D teams have contributed to many of today’s core technologies, protocols, and standards, including the SSL protocol and PKI in the 1990s to new PQC algorithms in the 2020s.”

Nagy Moustafa, CEO and Co-Founder

Our solutions empower organizations to gain visibility and control of the cryptography that drives their success. Our experts have been key contributors to the development of new, post-quantum cryptographic algorithms and standards, working closely with standards organizations like NIST to chart the path forward. We are market leaders because we have been working on the challenges of cryptography discovery and agile cryptography for over 10 years. We have the experience and the expertise.

Meet the Leadership Team
Our Expertise

Securing Cloud and On-premise Environments With Agile Cryptography Management Technologies and Services

Our platform enables customers to know what cryptography is being used and where it exists in their digital landscapes, and where compliance issues exist based on the policies that govern their businesses. Our platform also enables cryptography to be policy-driven and updated without needing to change applications, delivering truly agile cryptography.

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Discover Cryptography

Cryptographic discovery is crucial for managing risk, ensuring compliance, and protecting data in the quantum era.

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Remediate Cryptographic Vulnerabilities

Consolidate vulnerability management and cryptographic risk analysis to focus your remediation efforts on the most critical systems.

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Build a Cryptography Inventory

Understand your vulnerabilities and plan a smooth migration to post-quantum cryptography.

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Control Cryptography

Automate cryptographic discovery and control your cryptographic assets with policy-driven agile cryptography management.

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Augment Your Existing Technologies

Integrate cryptographic intelligence and management with the risks reporting and cybersecurity platforms your team is already using.

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Key Events

Emblematic Moments at InfoSec Global

The platform exists because of the vision and conviction of our founders, who began working on the challenges of agile cryptography and cryptography visibility in 2014. We are the leader in agile cryptography management because we have been solving these challenges for much longer than any other company. We have large customers in financial services, technology and government, and offices in the US, Canada and Switzerland.

Industry Expertise


InfoSec Global was co-founded in Canada by Nagy Moustafa and Dr. Taher Elgamal.


InfoSec Global answers NIST's call with a PQC candidate with SPHINCS+.


Infosec Global wins SINET’s 2017 Innovators Award for Cybersecurity.


AgileScan launch, the first version of AgileSec™ Analytics, our cryptography discovery solution to inventory cryptographic assets.


Awarded FIPS 140-2 Validation by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


InfoSec Global joins NCCoE’s team of industrial collaborators and signs Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with NIST.


AgileSec™ Analytics added to the Department of Homeland Security Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program's Approved Product List to safeguard the cryptographic assets of U.S. federal government departments and agencies against.


InfoSec Global takes the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Secure By Design pledge.


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