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The Advent of Quantum Computing

It's a race like no other: A grueling battle to solve one of the most critical and difficult mathematical challenges the world has ever known. The stakes couldn't be higher.

Benefits and pitfalls of quantum computing.

Quantum computing will deliver almost incomprehensible speed and power – an exponential acceleration that can only be roughly estimated with today’s technology.
But quantum computing – in addition to making the currently impossible eminently achievable – will obliterate the already-strained systems of public-key cryptography that allow today’s digitally connected networks to function securely. In other words, quantum computing will attack the very cornerstones of modern cryptography in the future.
But it also presents a clear and present danger today. Theft of sensitive long-life data means that the data in question is already compromised by future quantum technology. This means understanding critical data assets viewed through a cryptography lens today is critical to effect post-quantum protection.
InfoSec Global’s Cryptographic Agility Management Platform protects digital systems from the quantum threat by leveraging a crypto-agility approach to replacing vulnerable cryptography with quantum-safe encryption.

The InfoSec Global solution.

Without crypto-agility, application clients must either be reconfigured locally (each deployment) or recoded to enable new quantum safe algorithms.

InfoSec Global’s Cryptographic Agility Management Platform provides enterprises and IoT device makers with a policy-driven architecture where future changes, deletion of obsolete cryptography and deployment of new cryptography is centrally managed.

The elimination of weak, vulnerable cryptography or an update to new quantum-safe methods can be affected by a single policy change. Eliminating the future modification of application code to accommodate new quantum-safe techniques provides significant benefits to both enterprises and IoT device makers alike.