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Cryptographic Engineer

InfoSec Global (“ISG”) is a pioneer and leader in the field of Cryptographic Agility Management. ISG enables large organizations discover, remediate, and control the lifecycle of cryptography across their digital ecosystem. ISG products protect critical infrastructures, applications and systems against current and future threats to cryptography (e.g. quantum computer) and seamlessly manage the lifecycle of their cryptography. ISG team includes experienced cryptographers, security engineers and top tier advisors who are responsible for the current cryptographic standards. ISG contributes actively to the global cryptographic research community such as the NIST PQC initiative. Learn more at 

Job Description:  

We are looking for a Cryptographic Engineer to join our growing team! Reporting to our Vice President of Cryptographic Research and Development, this role will play a critical role in designing, building and enhancing our product portfolio. The successful candidate will work closely with the cryptography, product and leadership teams on our AgileSec Analytics solution and general cryptographic development for the company. If you’re passionate about cryptography and learning from the best we’d encourage you to apply!

Job Responsibilities (What You’ll Do)  

  • Working on cryptographic SDKs
  • Working on cryptographic library implementation
  • Deriving and encoding cryptographic policies
  • Crypto Automation
  • Implementing cryptographic algorithms
  • Working on TLS stacks
  • Working with cryptographic engines
  • Cryptographic library implementations
  • Innovative research in cryptography
  • Assisting software development teams with cryptographic components
  • Collaborative research
  • Post-quantum research
  • Presenting our solutions to partners, clients, and potential customers
  • Working on patents
  • Being an active member of our R&D team
  • Working on large research problems
  • Working on small and spontaneous research problems
  • Delivering cryptographic workshops

Minimum Qualifications (Who You Are)

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree plus industry experience in cryptography (5+ years) or Ph.D.  degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or similar with an emphasis on Cryptography, Security and Privacy
  • Experience working with Git
  • Experience working with SDKs
  • Knowledge of C and other programming languages
  • Extensive software development experience
  • Capabilities to do crypto related code review
  • Publications in reputable journals and/or proceedings
  • Resourceful and good research skills, who would thrive in a fast-paced, data-driven environment  
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and proactively provide updates 

Remote - Europe
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