Integrated solution combines data discovery, classification, and cryptographic risk management to safeguard sensitive data against current and emerging threats, including post-quantum risks

NEW YORK, NY, USA and TORONTO, Ontario, Canada—May 23, 2024 —, a pioneer in Contextual AI data intelligence, and InfoSec Global (ISG), a leader in cryptographic asset discovery and agile cryptography management, today announced a strategic partnership to strengthen enterprise data security and compliance. The collaboration integrates Inventa™ with InfoSec Global’s AgileSec™ Analytics to provide a comprehensive solution that addresses the critical needs of highly regulated industries, such as financial services and government.

Integration of Data Discovery, Classification, and Cryptographic Risk Management

The combination of’s Contextual AI data discovery and classification capabilities with ISG’s cryptography management solution offers enterprises a robust risk reduction framework. It protects sensitive data against both current and emerging cryptographic threats, with a strong focus on post-quantum cryptography readiness. By correlating data sensitivity with cryptographic vulnerabilities, enterprises can efficiently prioritize their crypto remediation efforts, focusing on the most critical assets first. In addition to technical integration, the companies have also entered into a go-to-market partnership to jointly promote and sell the integrated solution.

“We are thrilled to join forces with InfoSec Global, a true innovator in the field of cryptographic risk management,” said Zak Rubinstein, Chief Business and Strategy Officer at “The looming threat of quantum computing poses significant risks, including cryptographic obsolescence and the potential decryption of sensitive data. By integrating our Inventa platform with InfoSec Global’s cryptography solutions, we enable enterprises to proactively address these challenges and ensure the long-term protection of their most valuable data assets through post-quantum cryptography readiness.”

“Collaborating with allows us to extend the reach of our AgileSec™ Analytics solution, providing customers with unparalleled visibility into their data flows and cryptographic security posture,” said Nagy Moustafa, Co-Founder and CEO at InfoSec Global. “It is designed to support both immediate needs and future-proof security infrastructure, including readiness for post-quantum cryptography, a critical concern for enterprises across sectors.”

The joint solution provides real-time monitoring and automated remediation of data and cryptographic risks, ensuring immediate action can be taken to protect sensitive data across all environments. It also supports adherence to global data protection regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, and industry-specific mandates, enabling enterprises to manage compliance requirements efficiently.

Key Benefits of the and InfoSec Global Partnership

  • Intelligent prioritization of crypto remediation efforts based on data sensitivity and cryptographic vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced visibility into data flows and security landscape
  • Comprehensive inventory of cryptographic keys, certificates, protocols, and libraries
  • Streamlined compliance with data protection regulations
  • Future-ready security with post-quantum cryptography preparedness
  • Improved operational efficiencies and reduced costs through automation

Upcoming Webinar on Quantum Cryptographic Threats

On June 7, 2024, and InfoSec Global will host a webinar, “Quantum Shift: Preparing for the New Wave of Cryptographic Threats,” featuring Dr. Vladimir Soukharev, VP of Cryptographic R&D, InfoSec Global, and Jesse Sedler, VP of Product, The webinar will provide expert insights into the challenges posed by quantum computing and outline practical steps to discover and classify your critical data and its underlying cryptography—the key to successfully migrating to post-quantum cryptography. Learn more here:

About, a pioneer in Contextual AI data intelligence, is transforming data discovery and classification for large enterprises. Our AI-driven platform, Inventa™, safeguards the data of over 500 million individuals worldwide, offering contextual intelligence for robust data protection and enhanced security posture. Through our strategic OEM partnership with IBM, Inventa is licensed and globally rebranded as IBM Security Discover and Classify, demonstrating its robustness in handling complex data challenges at a global scale.

About Infosec Global

InfoSec Global is the leader in next-generation, agile data security for today and in a post-quantum world.  Our SaaS platform delivers comprehensive discovery and inventory of cryptography across customers’ Cloud and on-premise digital landscapes. Our platform also empowers the orchestration of agile cryptography management through centralized policy, even when transitioning from traditional cryptography to post-quantum cryptography and without needing to update applications. Global financial institutions, large technology companies, and leading government agencies are already benefitting from our platform’s unique capabilities and integrations with third-party technologies.

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