Agile Cryptography at PrimeKey Tech Days

PrimeKey Tech Days is a high quality tech event in PKI that features researchers and leading experts speaking on many interesting topics, including:

  • Deploying Trust Centers
  • Java crypto
  • C/C++ crypto
  • Industrial IoT
  • PKI in mobile space
  • Delivering mission critical security
  • EST Update
  • Quantum Crypto
  • HSM technology
  • Certificate Transparency
  • PrimeKey product updates
  • and more...

This year Infosec Global's Chief Security Architect, Tomislav Nad, will present on cryptographic agility

Tomislav is a security professional and engineer by heart. He holds a Master degree in mathematics with focus on IT-Security. During his master thesis he discovered his passion for cryptography and he continued with a PhD in Cryptography under the supervision of Vincent Rijmen at the University of Technology Graz. After he spent 6 years in research working on design, analysis and implementation of cryptographic primitives, he switched to industry to apply his analysis and design skills to todays security problems. He joined Infosec Global in 2014 as Security Architect and Cryptographer. Since 2016 he leads InfoSec Global's crypto research team which ambitions are top level security research, turning ideas into innovations and shaping the future of cryptography in the industry. He brings 10+ years of experience in research, application of cryptography and design of security systems. During the last years he has certified as CISSP and CISA.

Event details available here.