The Advisory Board Will Strategically Map InfoSec Global's Offering to Global Business Requirements

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., October 2018 –InfoSec Global announced today that it has appointed both Edna Conway, Chief Security Officer of Cisco’s Global Value Chain and Robert Rodriguez, SINET Chairman & Founder, to its advisory board. The board will lend its expertise to accelerate ISG's multi-industry market momentum and meet the growing demand for IoT security.

Edna Conway brings over 30 years of rich experience in developing and leading strategies that improve security and resilience throughout global supply chains. Her roles and expertise in delivering security architectures, technology licensing and government security solutions will help to drive ISG’s global strategy in highly regulated markets.

“I am thrilled to join ISG’s advisory board and support its mission to put flexible cryptographic control in the hands of its customers. ISG's Cryptographic Lifecycle Management brings the promise of adaptable security and cryptography to reality - for today and for our quantum future," said Edna Conway, Cisco.

Robert Rodriguez is the Chairman and Founder of SINET, a purpose-driven community whose mission is to advance innovation and enable global collaboration between the public and private sectors to defeat cybersecurity threats. This collaboration is critical in accelerating ISG’s offering. “ISG’s solution brings to market a trusted and innovative agile cryptography solution that is typically found in government, highly regulated industries and municipalities which demand the highest level of security assurances,” said Robert Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of SINET.

The Advisory Board will complement the existing Crypto Advisory Board to strategically map ISG’s offering to global business requirements. “We are thrilled to welcome Edna and Robert to ISG’s Advisory Board, their perspective and guidance will enable ISG to amplify our current momentum in growth markets for the Enterprise, IoT, and Government,” said Nagy Moustafa, CEO and co-founder, ISG.

About InfoSec Global Inc.

InfoSec Global (ISG) is a next-generation cryptography company that secures data and communications for critical systems and IoT devices. ISG’s Cryptographic Lifecycle Management solution provides threat management, enables cryptoagility and creates a path to quantum safe computing – all managed as a service. ISG helps governments and enterprises achieve trust through compliance to cryptographic regulations, worldwide. The ISG leadership team has deep professional and academic expertise in the security and cryptography market. The founders and board members are the original inventors of key cryptographic technologies, protocols, and standards such as SSL and AES.

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