A Security Conference: Infosec Global Launches a Solution to Cryptographic Compliance and Post-Quantum Readiness

SAN FRANCISCO, April 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Infosec Global (ISG) unveils AgileScan, a security management solution that automatically generates an inventory of cryptographic algorithms and certificates found in software and systems across the enterprise; pro-actively hunting for cryptographic risks and vulnerabilities."AgileScan enables enterprises to comply with data protection regulations (GDPR, PCI Compliance, HIPAA), detect and mitigate cryptographic threats and also assess post-quantum readiness. ISG helps organizations get visibility across their cryptographic footprint and identify potential threats for their business," said Claire Trimble, Chief Marketing Officer, ISG. The AgileScan solution bundles the experience of ISG cryptographic experts into an automated scanning solution that reduces the complexity of uncovering weak and vulnerable cryptography while making threat reporting easy and accessible.

AgileScan Generates  an Automatic Inventory of Cryptographic Algorithms & Certificates Across  the Enterprise

"The Digital World relies on cryptography as the security foundation to maintain trust, confidentiality and authenticity. The security of financial transactions, distributed blockchains, IoT communication and digital identities are susceptible to attack and fraud if cryptography is weak. Once integrated into a product or solution, the cryptographic algorithms suffer diminishing security over time," said David Maxwell, Chief Security Officer, InfoSec Global.

Inherited risk from third-party products and their selection or implementation of cryptography is challenging to understand or control. Cryptography is a specialized, technical domain, making it difficult for enterprises to adequately assess the magnitude and impact of a cryptographic threat if found. "Organizations need to be pro-active in managing authorized and unauthorized uses of cryptography in order to protect data. Research data shows that 90% of malware uses cryptography in various forms," said Tyson Macaulay, Author and ISG Advisory Board Member.

ISG delivers the only product-platform capable of providing quantum-safe solutions that delivers real-time, life-cycle management for cryptography and certificates. AgileScan identifies and scans for threats and vulnerabilities that are weak and, with ISG's crypto agility, enables in-field updates, interoperability and deployment of quantum safe crypto.

About Infosec Global Inc.

InfoSec Global provides sustainable data protection for a digital world. The company delivers a next generation enterprise grade solution that provides the real-time life-cycle management of the cryptography and digital identities for critical systems. The AgileSec Platform manages the entire digital and cryptographic life-cycle from the discovery of threats and vulnerabilities to the updates and fixes of cryptography, keys and certificates. ISG helps governments and enterprises achieve trust through compliance to cryptographic regulations, worldwide. The ISG leadership team has deep professional and academic expertise in the security and cryptography market. The founders and board members are the original inventors of key cryptographic technologies, protocols and standards such as SSL and AES.To learn more, visit www.infosecglobal.com

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