TORONTO, Ontario – October 26, 2021 – InfoSec Global, the leader in Cryptographic Agility Management, today announced it has integrated its AgileSec™ Analytics cryptography discovery and analysis solution with Venafi, the leader in Machine Identity Management. The integration enables AgileSec Analytics’ rich set of cryptography and machine identity findings to be incorporated into Venafi’s Trust Protection Platform, providing more robust, comprehensive visibility and prioritized actions across the full range of clients’ cryptographic assets.

InfoSec Global AgileSec Analytics quickly, easily, and automatically generates a complete inventory of all digital certificates, keys, encryption and other cryptographic assets found in software applications, libraries, servers and networks across the enterprise. It proactively hunts for hidden risks and vulnerabilities, assesses threat levels, thenprioritizes remediation actions. In addition, AgileSec Analytics accelerates cryptographic compliance and post quantum readiness.

“This integration solves key challenges enterprises face today regarding the visibility and scalability of cryptographic assets and machine identities,” stated John Harris, Chief Revenue Officer, InfoSec Global. “Organizations struggle to gain complete visibility across their entire infrastructures, especially at scale and without impacting normal operations. This blind spot can lead to substantial damages ranging from unpredictable system downtime, compliance issues, and data breaches. Enterprises can now address these challenges and help restore digital trust by accessing our capabilities directly through the Venafi platform.”

The integration was sponsored by Venafi’s Machine Identity Management Development Fund, an invitation-only ecosystem initiative that empowers developers to build integrations that ensure the keys and certificates that serve as machine identities are protected in the Venafi Platform.

“Today’s rapidly changing and complex environments make it increasingly challenging for security teams to get the visibility and intelligence required to confidently protect machine identities like TLS and code signing certificates,” said Kevin Bocek, VP Ecosystem and Threat Intelligence at Venafi. “Unknown machine identities can be used in binaries or dynamic shared stored libraries. Infosec Global excels at finding these keys and certificates. Now Venafi customers have seamless access to all of these hidden machine identities along with the visibility and intelligence Infosec Global provides right in the Venafi Trust Protection Platform, where automation and continuous monitoring can stop outages and prevent compromise. This is an exciting innovation for our joint customers.”

How  Venafi Customers Can Benefit from AgileSec Analytics

AgileSec Analytics brings robust discovery capabilities to Venafi customers by helping them verify all machine identities, including not only SSL/TLS certificates used by web services but also code signing certificates, client authentication certificates, personal computing certificates, SSH keys – even Certificate Authorities to ensure they are compliant, secure, and valid at all times.

In addition, AgileSec Analytics helps customers find and verify unmanaged certificates that are generated through shadow IT, outside of the internal processes and deployed across hosts, virtual machines, containers, cloud infrastructure and business applications. The enterprise-grade, scalable solution monitors highly distributed digital footprints containing large numbers of systems (100k+) with minimal operational impact, limited configurations, and no changes to network topologies.

About InfoSec Global Inc.

As the leader in Cryptographic Agility Management, InfoSec Global helps enterprises and IoT device makersdiscover, remediate and control digital certificates, keys, encryption and other cryptographic assets. Powered by 12 patented technologies and delivered through a managed Crypto-as-a-Service approach, InfoSec Global’s Cryptographic Agility Management Platform helps restore digital trust. From cryptographic asset discovery and threat detection to rapid remediation and automated threat management, InfoSec Global reduces risk, enhances responsiveness, improves resiliency, and protects against future threats posed by quantum, AI and machine learning technologies.

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