SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Infosec Global (ISG) launches its AgileSec VPN solution, a ready-to-use commercial VPN that allows customers to protect their networks with the highest assurance level; including the unique capability to use sovereign or custom cryptographic algorithms, along with the strongest internationally standardized cryptography. "VPN's require innovation, what differentiates ISG's VPN is its ability to support custom, standard and multi-crypto environments and make those cryptographic algorithms interoperable," said Brian Neill, VP of Product Management, ISG.AgileSec VPN scales to site networks, mobile, IOT devices and cloud environments.  "We are offering the maximum level of security by using IPSec with the flexibility to leverage our VPN as a software product or as a pre-installed hardware and software solution, including the ability to accommodate the most stringent security requirements. Its centralized management and control can manage large-scale networks with complex topology," said Keelan Smith, VP of R & D, ISG.

A Ready-to-Use  Commercial VPN

ISG's VPN was developed using its crypto agility platform, which makes it possible for already deployed networks to dynamically switch to updated or newly created algorithms at runtime, including post-quantum cryptography. Enterprises can begin to integrate post-quantum protection around their networks, this will include a quantum-safe VPN that scales to all devices, systems and environments. ISG has the only ready-to-use quantum-safe VPN on the market that also enables crypto agility.

This week at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, ISG will demonstrate embedded crypto agility on a post-quantum safe VPN. Visit ISG in the South Expo Hall, Booth #2019.

About Infosec Global Inc.

InfoSec Global provides sustainable data protection for a digital world. The company delivers a next generation enterprise grade solution that provides the real-time life-cycle management of the cryptography and digital identities for critical systems. The AgileSec Platform manages the entire digital and cryptographic life-cycle from the discovery of threats and vulnerabilities to the updates and fixes of cryptography, keys and certificates. ISG helps governments and enterprises achieve trust through compliance to cryptographic regulations, worldwide. The ISG leadership team has deep professional and academic expertise in the security and cryptography market. The founders and board members are the original inventors of key cryptographic technologies, protocols and standards such as SSL and AES.To learn more, visit

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