InfoSec Global to License AgileScan Cryptographic Threat Management Solution to Entrust Datacard Customers

The solution provides greater visibility and management of cryptographic risks

TORONTO, Jan. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- InfoSec Global has licensed its AgileScan solution to Entrust Datacard, a leading provider of trusted identity and secure issuance technology solutions. AgileScan will help provide automating cryptographic visibility and management to Entrust Datacard customers.

"We're excited about the partnership. Entrust Datacard will now have the ability to provide AgileScan directly to customers, delivering a full complement of risk mitigation tools for cryptographic security," said Tyson Macaulay, Chief Product Officer, ISG.

Internet and Enterprise networks alike rely on cryptography as their security foundation to maintain trust, confidentiality and authenticity. AgileScan enables organizations to get a clear and true picture of the state of cryptography and certificates inside their environments, including third party applications and libraries to in-house tools.

"Our partnership with AgileScan allows us to take vulnerability scanning to the next level, giving our platinum service customers a new tool to search past the endpoints for unmanaged, hardcoded or hidden certificates that are hard to find," said Jay Schiavo, vice president of Entrust Certificate Services Products, Entrust Datacard.

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InfoSec Global (ISG) is a security company that secures data, communications and transactions with its cryptography solutions. ISG's Cryptographic Lifecycle Management is a new and disruptive cybersecurity solution that delivers Digital Trust by securing current crypto threats and prepares for future ones using crypto agility. ISG provides a solution to a security blind spot that most organizations have today, cryptographic threat management. The ISG leadership team has deep professional and academic expertise in both the security and cryptography world. Our founders and board members are the original inventors of key cryptographic technologies, protocols, and standards such as SSL and AES.

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