NIST’s Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization process is fully underway. We are currently in Round 2 of this process, where only 26 of initially submitted 82 are remaining, which were announced earlier this year in January.

Day One of NIST's  Second PQC Standardization Conference

InfoSec Global is an active participant of the standardization process, being part of two very promising submissions: SIKE (ISG’s blog on SIKE) and SPHINCS+.

Yesterday was the first day of NIST’s Second PQC Standardization Conference in Santa Barbara, CA, USA. Those who made it to round two out of the 26 candidates will be presented with updates. SPHINCS+ will be presented today (August 23) at 9:30AM (PDT) and SIKE will be presented at 4:30PM (PDT) the same day.