Post-Quantum Cryptography is now a common theme in information security and is being approached by NIST’s Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process. (InfoSec Global (ISG) is an active participant). However, this approach is only looking into the question of “What” must replace current cryptography with, in order to be protected against quantum adversaries today and in the future.  Another question needs to be answered at the same time: “How”? ISG has been proposing answers in the form of practical solutions to the challenge of “Cryptographic Agility”.

On January 31-February 1, 2019, the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) held a workshop in Washington, D.C. titled, “Identifying Research Challenges in Post Quantum Cryptography Migration and Cryptographic Agility” organized by David Ott (VMWare) and Christopher Peikert (University of Michigan). The workshop brought together academia, industry, and government together to collaborate, discuss and produce a report.

Building a  Framework for Post Quantum Cryptography Migration and Cryptographic Agility

InfoSec Global’s Chief Post-Quantum Researcher and Cryptographer Dr. Vladimir Soukharev was invited to participate in the workshop and contribute to the report, making InfoSec Global the only Canadian company represented there. The workshop’s theme fully synchronizes with ISG’s vision of Cryptographic Agility and Post-Quantum Cryptography. This shows that this path is now receiving support and recognition of correctness by all three players in the area: academia, industry, and government.

The workshop is one of the first ones that actually defined and addressed the fact that both questions must be answered and identified migration challenges and questions that need to be researched and solved in the area of cryptographic agility.

Read the Report:  Identifying Research Challenges in Post Quantum Cryptography Migration & Crypto Agility

It was a pleasure and honour for ISG to be able to support such event and contribute to the report with the unique expertise that we possess. The results and outcome of the event can be found here. The report of the event can be found and downloaded here.