RSA Security Conference: ISARA and Infosec Global Partner to Deliver Quantum-Ready Virtual Private Network


At the RSA conference today, ISARA Corporation and Infosec Global unveiled the first commercial product offering as part of their on-going partnership – a quantum-safe Virtual Private Network (VPN). The product is aimed at providing secure remote connectivity to protect corporations and governments against quantum attacks on conventional computers.

The Need For a  Quantum-Safe Virtual Private Network (VPN)

When quantum computers capable of breaking today’s cybersecurity become available, encryption networks and connected Internet of Things (IoT) products that have not been protected by quantum-safe security will no longer be able to guarantee the confidentiality of a VPN and the privacy of online communications.

ISARA is the largest organization in the world focused solely on developing quantum-safe cryptographic solutions for integration into commercial products to protect against emerging security threats. ISARA provided its quantum resistant security software suite to the partnership. Infosec Global, an innovative cybersecurity software and solutions company, delivered their GLOBUS VPN.

“As businesses and governments around the world seek to protect themselves from emerging cybersecurity threats, they are making long-term strategic bets on emerging technologies like blockchain to address their future business needs. This is a mistake if they are not also considering the impact of quantum computers,” said Scott Totzke, CEO of ISARA Corp. “Now is the time for companies to take important steps to address the next generation of privacy and security concerns in the quantum age.”  

The ISARA Radiate Security Solution Suite is the first complete security solution on the market to offer a high-quality implementation of quantum resistant algorithms and related integration tools built for developers. It gives organizations the ability to integrate critical, quantum-safe security measures into commercial products and networks today, and facilitates the transition to crypto agility in enterprise security. ISARA has optimized quantum resistant algorithms for governments and large enterprises, allowing user experience and performance to be preserved while providing the highest levels of next generation security.

Infosec Global is disrupting and leading the agile crypto market. Infosec Global provides an agile crypto platform that enables the interoperability of standard, custom and multi-crypto solutions with a real-time service that remotely manages the cryptography of critical systems.

“Infosec Global has the only network protection that is adaptive and agile to all cryptography environments. The integrated Infosec Global and ISARA VPN solution provides the flexibility to dynamically change cryptography with the ability to future proof security and prepare for quantum ready computing,” said Nagy Moustafa, CEO of Infosec Global.  “As ISARA rolls out its services to organizations grappling with emerging threats, we look forward to being a part of the solution.”

For more information about the ISARA and InfoSec partnership, the quantum-safe VPN, and ISARA Radiate, please visit the ISARA booth at RSA at the Ontario Trade Mission pavilion (booths 2820, 2821, and 2824) or For more information about Infosec Global, please visit the Infosec Global booth at RSA at 2821 or

About ISARA Corporation

ISARA is a security solutions company that offers solution providers quantum computer-resistant products to make vulnerable hardware and software compliant with quantum-safe standards. As a commercial solution provider within a rich academic and research ecosystem, ISARA is part of a collaborative effort to raise awareness of the potential for quantum threats, and design and implement quantum resistant solutions that will work globally. To learn more, visit

About Infosec Global Inc.

Infosec Global develops innovative cybersecurity software and solutions for enterprise and government. Our Globus™ product line includes Crypto and Multi-Crypto, Network Protection and Cyber Assurance. Our team consists of renowned experts, the world’s best cryptographers, inventors of the foundations of Internet security, and global leaders at the leading edge of cyber security. We empower customers with security solutions they control for highly complex regulatory environments. With offices in Canada, Switzerland and the United States, we’re equipped to meet trust needs, compliance requirements and get results. To learn more, visit

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