Infosec Global Wins SINET’s 2017 Innovators Award for Cybersecurity

SAN FRANCISCO, California, September 27, 2017 -- Infosec Global (ISG) a data protection company innovating in agile cryptography and encryption technologies has been honored with the SINET Innovators award for 2017.  Each year, SINET evaluates the technologies and products of hundreds of emerging Cybersecurity companies from all over the world, and selects the 16 most innovative and compelling companies. These 16 companies, known as the SINET 16 innovators, are invited to present their products and solutions on stage November 8th and 9th in Washington D.C. at the annual SINET showcase.

InfoSec Global Empowers Customers to Update Encryption, Keys and Certificates After Deployment

“We are thrilled about this award and are honored to be recognized with the other amazing companies that are innovating in Cybersecurity. This is a testament to the ISG team; we are innovating in an area of security that has needed it for a long time. Agile Security is the future of data protection, customers need to be empowered with flexibility and control” CEO, Nagy Moustafa

Recognized for the pedigree of its crypto leadership board, Infosec Global’s Agilesec Platform enables interoperability with a service that remotely manages the identity and cryptography of critical systems and connected smart devices. “Infosec Global empowers customers with the agility to define and update encryption, keys and certificates after deployment” “The ability to do in-field provisioning, deploy additional applications and make changes to the cryptography and identities of devices is the future of IOT” CEO, Nagy Moustafa

Cryptography today is pervasive, integrated into IOT devices, the network, servers, applications and in the cloud. The demand for privacy and confidentiality has been the catalyst for custom, in‑country cryptography and the need for standard, custom and multi-cryptographic agility in both the government and commercial enterprise is rising.

Manufacturers require agility and interoperability; packaging products once and shipping them globally. ISG’s Agilesec Platform enables manufacturers to adhere to the standards and compliance laws within the markets where they sell and increases productivity and time to market.

About Infosec Global Inc.

Infosec Global provides sustainable data protection for a digital world. Infosec Global provides technology innovation, thought leadership and expertise in cryptography and data protection. The company delivers products and services that secure data while helping governments and enterprises achieve trust through compliance to cryptographic regulations, worldwide.