What is Cryptographic Agility?

Agile Cryptography or as we like to call it, Crypto Agility, allows a system to easily adopt alternative cryptographic primitives and algorithms without significant changes to a system’s digital infrastructure. It empowers organizations with greater autonomy and proactive control over their digital ecosystem in any encryption environment.
With over 150 years of collective experience in the Security and IT industry, Infosec Global provides technology innovation, thought leadership and expertise in cryptographic life-cycle management.

As InfoSec Global is a company rooted in cryptographic research, we are leading experts when it comes to understanding, researching and simplifying Crypto Agility. Crypto Agility is one of the many disciplines our team of leading expert cryptographers focus on.

Our Research

Check out the research achievements our team has accomplished thus far.

Dr. Vladimir Soukharev
Principal Cryptographic Technologist
10+ years of experience leading cryptography and post-quantum initiatives.
Adrian Antipa
Chief Cryptographic Scientist
25 years of continuous work in cryptography: design, analysis, implementation & deployment.

Haraka v2 - Efficient Short-Input Hashing for Post-Quantum Applications.

Stefan Kölbl, Martin M. Lauridsen, Florian Mendel, Christian Rechberger.
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A PostQuantum Digital Signature Scheme Based on Supersingular Isogenies

Youngho Yoo, Reza Azarderakhsh, Amir Jalali, David Jao, Vladimir Soukharev.
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Watch our Experts

ISG’s Dr. Vladimir Soukharev: How to be Ready for Tomorrow's Quantum Attacks - Isogeny-Based Quantum Resistant Undeniable Signatures.


NIST Third PQC Standardization Conference

NIST Third PQC Standardization Conference

Panel Discussion: The Evolution of Cybersecurity in the Age of Quantum

Opportunity Locks 2020

Discovery of Quantum Vulnerable Cryptography and Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography

NIST Virtual Workshop on Considerations in Migrating to Post-Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms

Latest Update on Post-Quantum Cryptography and Transitioning Process

FSP 2020

International Security in the Era of Quantum Computing

CyberSec Forum 2020

Hybrid Key Agreement/KEM Construction and Integration to IPSEC IKEV2 VPN (Q42A)

ICMC 2020

Agility and Private Keys

ICMC 2020

Cyber Security and Data Protection

Berne Union Annual General Meeting 2018:

Blockchain: Security and Vulnerabilities

Crypto Valley Blockchain Event 2018

Cryptography Life Cycle Management

PrimeKey PKI Tech Days 2018

Agile Cryptography

Above & Beyond PKI 2018

Efficient Application of Countermeasures for Elliptic Curve Cryptography

International Cryptographic Module Conference 2017

Isogeny-based Quantum-Resistant Group Key Agreement

International Cryptographic Module Conference 2018

The Post-Quantum Crypto World and the Need for Crypto Agility

International Cryptographic Module Conference 2018

Agile Cryptography

Primekey Tech Days 2017

How to be Ready for Tomorrow’s Quantum Attacks

International Cryptographic Module Conference 2017

How to be ready for tomorrow’s quantum attacks.

Primekey tech days 2016

Our Insights

Product Datasheets, Case Studies, White Papers

Open Source Security
Open Source Cryptography is incredibly powerful and enables enterprises to rapidly deploy crypto in their solutions - but not without risks.
AgileSec Analytics Product Overview
AgileSec Analytics is a ground-breaking enterprise solution developed by InfoSec Global to manage cryptographic risks automated the reporting of hidden cryptographic vulnerabilities.
Case Study
Top 10 AgileSec Analytics Questions
Frequently asked questions about AgileSec Analytics
Trust Management Root
The Trust Management Root solution is composed by an end-point component, integrated within root-of-trust, and a management component, deployed within company infrastructure, to control lifecycle of keying material and cryptography.
AgileSec Analytics Whitepaper
Poor implementations of certificates, keys, encryption and weak algorithms threaten businesses by lulling them into a false sense of security.
AgileSec VPN Brochure
AgileSec VPN solution developed and supported by Infosec Global that can be configured to use standard-based, sovereign, or custom cryptography in virtual private networks that require premium security.
AgileSec Crypto SDK Datasheet
Reach new customers in new markets by adding sovereign- and standards-based encryption, digital signatures, and other security mechanisms into your secure products.
Cryptographic Agility White Paper
As crypto adversaries use continuously increasing computational power and mathematical research to break currently secure cryptographic algorithms, it is crucial to future-proof today's critical systems with crypto agility.