Agilesec SDK

Trusted and Resilient Cryptography

The Agilesec SDK allows you to seamlessly integrate cryptographic agility into your organization’s software applications. This C-based cross-platform software development toolkit implements the strongest internationally standardized cryptography and makes it possible to remotely monitor and upgrade cryptographic algorithms in software and devices after their deployment and sale. Additionally, it allows organizations to support country-specific sovereign and custom cryptography, as well as newly created cryptographic algorithms.

Modern Ciphers
State-of-the-art algorithms
AES, 3DES, RSA, DH, ECDH, SHA-2, SHA-3, DRBG. Elliptic curves: NIST, Brainpool, Curve25519, Curve383187, Curve41417, and E-521.
Side-channel resistance
Side-channel countermeasures to prevent private keys from being covertly observed on mobile devices.
Clean Code
Strict coding guidelines
ANSI C-based API with zero dependencies. No GPL code. 100% implementation by InfoSec Global.
Broad support
Supported platforms include: Windows (x86), MacOS (x86), Linux (x86), Linux (ARM), iOS (ARM), and Android (ARM).
Efficient encryption
Platform dependent and independent performance optimisations for cryptography based on finite field arithmetic (RSA, ECC).
Sovereign and custom algorithms
Custom cipher Implementations supported when used with Agilesec SDK.
Abstract Crypto API
Easy-to-integrate cryptography
Abstracted cryptographic APIs insulate software developers from the complexities of cryptographic algorithm selection.
Management API
Controlled use of ciphers
Cipher Management APIs facilitate dynamic loading of new cryptographic algorithms before and after delivery of the developed products.
Cipher Vault
Protect ciphers
Data-at-rest protection for sensitive cryptographic algorithm implementations.
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Crypto Resources

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