Discover and analyze all your cryptographic assets.

Enterprises use cryptography as the foundation of zero trust security in financial transactions, distributed blockchains, IoT communications, and digital identities. But currently deployed cryptography is static and weak, making enterprises highly susceptible to data breaches. Discovering where current cryptographic assets reside is the first step in shoring up vulnerabilities across digital systems.

AgileSec Analytics is a discovery and analysis solution that empowers enterprises and IoT device makers to quickly scan core systems, build an inventory of cryptographic assets, detect hidden vulnerabilities and proactively monitor cryptographic health.

The most comprehensive cryptography
discovery solution you'll find.

Discover and mitigate threats

Knowing what cryptography resides inside your enterprise can be difficult. AgileSec Analytics provides the industry's most comprehensive capabilities to discover crypto-related risks and prevent unanticipated downtime with minimal effort.

Detect Hidden Vulnerabilities

Visually show risks across your digital ecosystem and can create custom reports ranging from compliance metrics to certificate management – perfect for dashboard reports for CROs and CISOs.

Scan Core Systems

Analyze systems that rely on cryptography to protect sensitive assets, including web servers, hosts, applications, network and cloud systems.

Build Cryptographic Inventory

Build a complete inventory of cryptographic artefacts, including keys, encryption, certificates and libraries that are present across your  digital footprint.

Comply with Data Protection Regulations

Many data protection regulations and legislation requires organizations to ensure the data they are storing is adequately protected. AgileSec Analytics continually monitors cryptography for regulatory compliance and reduces cyber risk.

Assess post-Quantum readiness.

AgileSec Analytics helps keep you updated on the latest cryptographic enhancements, ensuring you have the most up-to-date encryption to protect against future threats.

AgileSec Analytics has you covered.

From digital keys and certificates to encryption and cryptographic libraries, AgileSec Analytics empowers you to discover, analyze and assess all your cryptographic assets.
Discover, analyze and assess current status of all certificates across your digital ecosystem and sensitive data
Digital Keys
Find and assess all your digital keys to ensure attackers can’t unlock your most sensitive data and secrets
Detect all of your running and filed algorithm risks, and rate them all in one inventory
Gain visibility across complete set of libraries and assess their health.

Scan Applications and Firmware, too.

AgileSec Analytics is purpose-built to analyze and assess all your critical applications and firmware to maximize protection and ensure continuous compliance.
Critical Application Analysis
Ensure the applications you deploy within your operational environment are running safe and compliant cryptography, without requiring complex manual source code inspections.
Sensitive Firmware Analysis
Make sure critical or sensitive firmware uses safe and compliant cryptography without requiring access to source code. AgileSec Analytics discovers out-of-date cryptography in seconds.
PCI-DSS Compliance
Comply with regulations by automatically verifying that operational systems, applications, and network services are using industry standard, up-to-date, and compliant cryptography.