AgileSec™ SDK

Reach new customers in new markets by adding sovereign and standards-based encryption, digital signatures and other security mechanisms to your secure applications.

Cryptographic algorithm selection is critical to secure product design, affecting not only the security posture of a product but also the geopolitical regions of the world in which a product can be sold.

Industry-leading Cryptographic Support

The AgileSec SDK’s multi-cryptographic framework allows ciphers to be replaced in products before and after delivery into the end customer’s hands, allowing products to be configured to meet the localized cryptography requirements of the most security conscious customers.

Key benefits include:
Secures and optimizes implementations of carefully selected cryptographic algorithms generally used in today’s most secure applications.
Ensures products use the strongest cryptographic security as selected by lnfoSec Global’s world-renowned cryptographers
Allows “pluggable” ciphers post-delivery
Ship product with standard cryptography
Allow end-users to configure with localized cryptography,
where cryptographic variants can co-exist
AgileSec SDK can make country-specific sovereign cryptography available, alleviating the uncertainty of marketing secure products on the global stage.