AgileSec™ VPN

AgileSec VPN is a high-performance, enterprise-grade, quantum-safe layer 3 network encryption solution designed for organizations looking to protect classified communications against long-term eavesdropping.

AgileSec VPN protects highly critical network communications by establishing multiple network links encrypted with a variety of cryptographic algorithms, including post-quantum, sovereign and classical encryption.

Quantum may be tomorrow...
but the time is now for a secure VPN.

AgileSec VPN is uniquely designed for organizations looking to protect highly sensitive network communications and long-life information against the upcoming quantum computer threat. It provides several benefits to highly-regulated industries such as financial services, governments, pharma and healthcare, as well as to network solution providers looking to provide customers with the highest levels of VPN security.

Key benefits of AgileSec VPN include:
Protect classified information over the long term using industry-leading cryptography standards and quantum safe methods
Comply with industry standards while protecting your network against quantum threat
Transition seamlessly to future
quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms
Integrate with your existing infrastructure and support flexible deployment scenarios
AgileSec VPN can make country-specific sovereign cryptography available, alleviating the uncertainty of marketing secure products on the global stage.

Management made easy.

In parallel to the advent of quantum computing, nefarious groups have already started recording network communication with an intent to decrypt at a later date. Mitigating risk while maintaining confidentiality of today’s information over the long term requires a transition to quantum safe technologies. AgileSec VPN embodies such technology.
Central Management
Seamless Web-based UI for simple management of large-scale deployment of AgileSec VPN across several sites, making it easy to control from a central location.
Cryptography Management
Provides detailed selections of embedded cryptographic scheme and allows deployment of new cryptographic algorithms at run-time without recompilation.
Encryption Management
Enables granular configuration of encryption and a combination of key exchanges (hybrid keys) to use for each VPN tunnel.

Protection for now. And next.

AgileSec VPN combines the very best available techniques to achieve long term data protection with agility to seamlessly support any current, future or sovereign cryptographic standards.
Post-Quantum Cryptography
Uses side channel resistant, quantum resistant super singular isogeny key agreement and Hash-based
signature schemes.
Cryptographic Agility
Natively provides cryptographic agility and unique capabilities to seamlessly transition to future cryptographic standards or national standards.
Hybrid Keys
Supports a combination of different algorithms and keying material to achieve compliance with standards together with quantum resistance.
Leverages quantum physics to generate true high-quality entropy for key generation and random parameters generation from partners.
Quantum Key Distribution
Can be integrated with QKD to benefit from additional sources of high-quality and quantum safe key distribution from partner.
AgileSec VPN can be deployed across secure critical infrastructures and virtual environments within cloud, virtual machines, mobile devices or hardened hardware appliances, delivering homogenous quantum safe network encryption for years and decades to come.

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