Cryptographic Agility Management Platform

The end-to-end cryptographic agility management solution that empowers enterprises and IoT device makers to dynamically discover, protect and control the management of digital certificates, keys, encryption and other cryptographic assets.

The crypto challenge.

Cryptography is the basis for today’s zero trust architectures. If cryptography is weak or compromised, everything is at risk. The problem is, cryptography is widely scattered across digital systems, is hard to find, and is nearly impossible to update without significant cost or major disruptions to current operations.

Cryptography has a shelf life and must be regularly updated to maintain adequate security levels. Even a single vulnerability in cryptography is highly critical and must be immediately patched. Using unsecure or outdated cryptography can be a breach of data protection regulations and put you at risk of non-compliance.
ISG’s Cryptographic Agility Management Platform enables enterprises and IoT device makers to secure and protect digital systems and sensitive data against current threats while preparing for future ones.
Detect, analyze and assess current cryptographic assets to prioritize threat levels and remediation efforts
Update vulnerable cryptographic assets in real time, without changing source code or disrupting operations.
Manage digital certificates, key, encryptions and all cryptographic assets in an automated manner, saving time and effort.

Crypto Agility Management Platform Use Cases

For Enterprises

Discover all your cryptographic assets, from digital certificates and keys to encryptions. Streamline in-field provisioning of cryptography for devices and software, rapidly remediate vulnerabilities and automate ongoing management.
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For Embedded Systems

Embedded devices previously deployed may be left in the field for years, making updates costly and difficult. The Cryptographic Agility Management Platform guarantees those devices can be protected when new threats arise.
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For the Future

Prepare your applications, devices and data for a quantum computing reality of tomorrow, as well as the latest in machine learning and AI technologies.
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For Compliance

Ensure the data you are storing is adequately protected and meets current and future regulatory and compliance standards.
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Build a Strong Foundation of
Zero Trust

Adopting a zero trust infrastructure is critical to staying ahead of today’s increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks against the enterprise and IoT ecosystems.

Cryptography establishes the foundation of trust, and ISG’s Cryptographic Agility Management Platform gives you the power to discover, protect and control the management of all your cryptographic assets.