Crypto Analytics

Cryptographic Threat Management


The Problem

Organizations need to be pro-active in managing authorized and unauthorized uses of cryptography in order to protect the critical data entrusted to them. Today's Digital Business relies on cryptography as its core security foundation to maintain digital trust, confidentiality, and authenticity. The security of financial transactions, distributed blockchains, IoT communications and digital identities are susceptible to attack and fraud if cryptography is weak or vulnerable to exploit.

The Solution

AgileScan is a security management solution that quickly, easily, and automatically generates an inventory of cryptographic algorithms and certificates found in software and systems across the enterprise. It pro-actively hunts for cryptographic risks and vulnerabilities. AgileScan accelerates cryptographic compliance and post-quantum readiness for Enterprises, Governments, and OEMs.



Comply with Data Protection Regulations
Many data protection regulations and legislation requires organizations to ensure the data they are storing is adequately protected
Detect and Mitigate Crypto Threats
Knowing what crypto resides inside your enterprise can be difficult. AgileScan provides visibility and finds cryptography in use.
Assess Post-Quantum Readiness
Preparations for the post-quantum world may take a significant amount of time and resources. AgileScan can shorten the time spent.

Automated Process

AgileScan detects hidden cryptography vulnerabilities embedded deep within applications and systems without requiring timely, expensive, and complex manual source code inspection.
Analyzed Systems
Web Apps
Identified Artifacts
Cryptographic Algorithms
Cryptographic Libraries
Algorithm Detection
271+ Algorithms
Known and Unknown Implementations
Report Automation
Inventory Report
Vulnerability Report
XLS Export
Deployment Model
Enterprise Integration
Management API

Dedicated Reporting

AgileScan's reporting functions provide both easy to understand top-level reports for your leadership team and in-depth analysis for your technical staff. You can provide at-a-glance answers to exposure and specific results for your security and engineering teams in only a few clicks.

Use Cases

PCI-DSS Compliance

Comply with regulations by automatically verifying that operational systems, applications, and network services are using industry standard, up-to-date, and compliant cryptography.

Critical Application Analysis

Make sure the applications you deploy within your operational environment are running safe and compliant cryptography, without requiring complex manual source code inspections.

Sensitive Firmware Analysis

Make sure critical or sensitive firmware uses safe and compliant cryptography without requiring access to source code. AgileScan can discover out-of-date cryptography in seconds.

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