Pro-Active Crypto Threat Management

Detect Hidden Crypto Threats

The hyper-connected digital world relies on cryptography as the security foundation to maintain trust, confidentiality and authenticity. When cryptography is weak then digital safety and privacy is also put at risk. The security of financial transactions, distributed blockchains, IoT communication and digital identities are susceptible to attack and fraud. Once integrated into a product or solution, the cryptographic algorithms suffer diminishing security over time.

Inherited risk from third-party products and their selection or implementation of cryptography is challenging to understand or control. Cryptography is a specialized, technical domain, making it difficult for enterprises to adequately asses the magnitude and impact of a cryptographic threat if found. Organizations need to be pro-active in managing authorized and unauthorized uses of  cryptography in order to protect data. 

Infosec Global (ISG) is a data protection company that specializes in the life-cycle management of cryptography. ISG helps organizations get visibility across their cryptographic footprint and identify potential threats for their business. AgileScan bundles the experience of ISG cryptographic experts into an automated scanning solution that reduces the complexity of uncovering weak and vulnerable cryptography while making threat reporting easy and accessible.

Key Capabilities

Comply with data protection regulation

  Maintain up-to-date inventory of cryptography used

Verify cryptography used by  software vendors independently

Satisfy Compliance Auditors for

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Detect and mitigate crypto threats

Identify ransomware by its cryptographic components

Even if idle, before triggering behavioral analysis

Prevent the low and slow infestation of malware

Assess post quantum readyness

Identify systems running algorithms at risk from quantum

Prioritize upgrades for highest risk enterprise elements

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Automated Process

Scan Crypto Assets. AgileScan automatically scans IT network infrastructure, including hosts, servers and applications for cryptographic usage
Generate crypto usage report. AgileScan helps organizations get visibility within a current blind spot: cryptography. AgileScan can help generate reports for stakeholder, including compliance, risk and business.
Verify target system runs safe cryptography: AgileScan helps organizations verify critical systems or applications are using safe and compliant cryptography as part of a broader security assessment.
Suggest remedial approaches: AgileScan helps organizations develop a plan to address cryptographic vulnerabilities which are often buried deep within software and systems, not easily to replace or upgrade.
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Resources and White Papers

Poor implementations of cryptography and weak algorithms threaten businesses by lulling them into a false sense of security
April 13, 2018