Crypto-Agility for the Enterprise

We live in a world with zettabytes of digital data. The amount of data has been growing exponentially, doubling every two years, and with unfettered growth in areas such as Industry 4.0 and IoT, blockchain, 5G and other technologies, this growth trend is expected to continue unabated well into the future.

Cryptography is the backbone of digital trust.

In the enterprise context, much of the data is private and sensitive. This requires protection, which in turn requires cryptography. In the world of cybersecurity, cryptography is considered critical infrastructure, or the backbone of digital trust.
Certificates, digital keys & encryption impact security
across your entire digital infrastructure.
In Network
Certs, Keys & Encryption
Used by
In Systems
Certs, Keys & Encryption
Configured in
servers and Cloud
In Files
Certs, Keys & Encryption
Unmanaged by
the enterprise
In Applications
Certs, Keys & Encryption
Hardcoded by
In Data
Certs, Keys & Encryption
Lost in
massive data

Cryptographic decay.

Cryptography is a living thing, and cryptographic assets – such as digital certificates, keys and encryption – have a shelf life. They do not maintain their security level forever. Rather, they get weaker as time passes.

The rapid advancement of computing technologies and research are increasing the decay of cryptographic algorithms at an accelerating pace. With the growing complexity of digital ecosystems, managing cryptography is getting more difficult by the day. And the degradation of cryptographic assets across digital systems poses significant risks... and can be quite costly to the enterprise.

Today's market challenges
have outpaced cryptography management approaches.

Current cryptographic management approaches have become outdated, are inefficient and woefully incapable of keeping pace with converging data security trends, increasingly complex IT environments and a growing number of countries developing and adopting their own cryptographic standards.
Whenever a cryptographic algorithm is found to be vulnerable to a certain attack, it can take years to switch from that algorithm to a newer and safer one, due to the incompatibility of software and hardware cryptographic implementations.

A new transformative platform from InfoSec Global.

To address this monumental challenge, InfoSec Global AgileSec Crypto-Agility Management Platform allows enterprises to replace crypto assets across all your digital systems – from portable devices to connected vehicles – with little to no impact to operations and service levels.

There's little time to spare.

In fact, the AgileSec Crypto-Agility Management Platform can cut the time it takes to remediate vulnerable cryptography from months – even years – to days.

InfoSec Global's Crypto-Agility
Management Platform

InfoSec Global’s Crypto-Agility Management Platform creates a cryptographic abstraction layer at the software and firmware level, separating crypto assets from applications.  This isolates the software and cryptography, making the ability to make changes much more efficient and effective.

To achieve cryptographic agility, the AgileSec Crypto-Agility Management Platform helps enterprises move from a legacy static model to an agile cryptographic architecture.
Deploy Crypto-Agility Architecture
Enables sensitive applications with agile cryptographic architecture to enable the decoupling of underlying cryptographic algorithms.
Define Crypto Policy
Defines the cryptographic functions that should be used to protect sensitive information independently from the development team. With a cryptographic policy, security teams are in control of their cryptography.
Swap Out Algorithms
Dynamically remove obsolete algorithms and deploy new ones without source code modifications.
Supports “Bring Your Own Crypto”
Enables applications with any type of cryptographic capabilities, including post-quantum or sovereign algorithms, while ensuring interoperability with international standards.

Discover. Protect.

With the AgileSec Crypto-Agility Management Platform from InfoSec Global, enterprises can now discover potential vulnerabilities, protect digital systems by making changes quickly on-the-fly, and control the management of cryptographic assets across the enterprise.
Enterprises adopting the Crypto-Agility Management Platform typically follow three main phases:
Phase 1 – AgileSec Analytics
Deploy AgileSec Analytics solution across your infrastructure to proactively monitor your cryptographic health. This phase starts with the initial deployment to build the cryptographic inventory for the IT environment and then scales across infrastructure, hosts, and use-cases.
Phase 2 – AgileSec Agility
Deploy the AgileSec Agility solution to efficiently manage the cryptography of sensitive applications. This phase starts by enabling an initial set of sensitive applications developed by the company, then expands to more applications and use cases for cryptographic agility.
Phase 3 – Crypto Agility Management Platform
Take advantage of the automated, centralized management capabilities of cryptographic functions and remediation leveraging the Crypto Agility Management Platform. This phase starts by managing an initial set of systems then quickly expands with the growth of IoT and digitalization.
The Crypto-Agility Management Platform is ideally suited for organizations in
highly-regulated industries with large amounts of sensitive data to protect, including:
Financial institutions
Protect confidential client-identifying information and financial data that is subject to specific compliance requirements. The Crypto-Agility Management Platform supports risk, security and IT operations departments to help you monitor the usage of cryptography, prepare critical systems with agility and manage the lifecycle of cryptography.
Government agencies
Supports governments acquiring expensive technologies and systems during public RFP programs to strengthen their defense capabilities and cyber resilience. Moreover, the Crypto-Agility Management Platform enables defense contractors to deliver solutions that will easily transition to future cryptographic standards with minimal impact on end-customers.
Benefits to the enterprise include:
Proactive Visibility
Continuous monitoring of cryptographic components present across digital ecosystems to proactively detect security or compliance breaches.
Rapid Remediation
Dynamic replecement of insecure cryptographic components across digital infrastucture, with minimal effort or negative impact on operations, no change in source code and no cryptographic expertise required
Interoperability between heterogeneous systems relying on different cryptographic foundations, e.g., modern, sovereign, certified, hybrid, post-quantum cryptographic algorithms.
Future Proofing
Facilitates seamless transition to any future cryptographic schemes, such as post-quantum or sovereign encryption, with minimal efforts.
Policy Driven
Provides organizations with the capability to centrally define how cryptography shall be used across infrastructures, independent of developers.
Continuous Compliance
Ensure constant compliance with industry standards, such as NIST, ANSSI, and regulations, such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, that require compliant use of cryptography
For enterprises, cryptographic agility is no longer nice to have. It's a must-have. Sticking to old methods will not be sufficient, even in the near future. The AgileSec Crypto-Agility Management Platform not only addresses challenges and demands in an easier, more secure and highly efficient way, but also provides a comprehensive framework for cryptographic development for many years — even decades — to come.
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