We are happy to share that a significant step has been made for our leading cryptographic discovery and analysis solution. InfoSec Global's AgileSec™ Analytics has been certified by ServiceNow and now integrates with ServiceNow's Vulnerability Response module, making it conveniently accessible via the ServiceNow Store. This exciting relationship brings new efficiency and effectiveness to vulnerability management and cryptographic risk analysis.

A Ground-Breaking Integration

Integrating AgileSec™ Analytics into the ServiceNow ecosystem is pivotal for organizations looking to fortify their cybersecurity posture. AgileSec™ Analytics, renowned for its robust cryptographic vulnerability assessment capabilities, now seamlessly aligns with ServiceNow's powerful Vulnerability Response platform.

This union empowers security professionals and IT teams to hunt down cryptographic vulnerabilities directly from within their ServiceNow instances. With AgileSec™ Analytics at your disposal, identifying and mitigating cryptographic risks has never been more streamlined or efficient.

Simplified Vulnerability Management

One of the standout features of this integration is the simplification it brings to the vulnerability management process. ServiceNow users can now access AgileSec™ Analytics within their familiar ServiceNow environment, eliminating the need for juggling multiple tools and interfaces. Organizations can enhance security posture while reducing operational complexities by consolidating vulnerability management and cryptographic risk analysis within a single platform.

The initial release includes the following components:

  • Create the ISG for Vulnerability Response in ServiceNow
  • Provide Connector Dashboard
  • Provide Integrations
  • Provide REST Messages and HTTP Methods
  • Provide Import Set Tables

How to Get Started?

The process is straightforward for those eager to harness the power of AgileSec™ Analytics within their ServiceNow instance. You can access the application directly from the ServiceNow Store. ServiceNow Vulnerability Response Module and InfoSec Global’s AgileSec™ Analytics v2.2 and above are required to use the integration.

If you require assistance or wish to explore the integration further, our dedicated team is just an email away. Feel free to contact us at ops@infosecglobal.com, and we will be delighted to guide you through the process.

Uncover Your cryptographic Assets in Seconds, not Months!

Integrating AgileSec™ Analytics with ServiceNow's Vulnerability Response demonstrates InfoSec Global's commitment to enhancing cryptographic governance capabilities. With a simplified and unified approach to vulnerability management, organizations can stay one step ahead of cyber threats and protect their sensitive data effectively.

What Other Information Should You Know About AgileSec™ Analytics Integrations?

1. What is AgileSec™ Analytics?

AgileSec™ Analytics is a state-of-the-art cybersecurity solution that assesses cryptographic vulnerability. It automatically builds a centralized inventory of machine identities and cryptography discovered so you can quickly understand where and how cryptography is deployed within your infrastructure to mitigate cryptographic risks effectively.

2. How can I integrate AgileSec™ Analytics with my ServiceNow instance?

You can seamlessly integrate AgileSec™ Analytics with your ServiceNow instance by accessing it from the ServiceNow Store. For further assistance, you can contact our team at ops@infosecglobal.com.

3. What are the benefits of integrating AgileSec™ Analytics with ServiceNow?

The integration simplifies vulnerability management by consolidating it within your ServiceNow environment. This streamlines the process, enhances security, and reduces operational complexities.

4. Is AgileSec™ Analytics compatible with other security tools?

AgileSec™ Analytics is designed to work seamlessly with ServiceNow's Vulnerability Response platform, but it can also complement other security tools in your arsenal, providing a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. To see other integrations, visit www.infosecglobal.com/solutions/agilesec-analytics.


Ninaa Persad

VP, Customer Operations