Marriott's Breach Shows NOW is the Time for a Cryptographic Revolution

On March 7th, Marriott’s CEO, Arne Sorenson testified in front of the subcommittee on investigations for the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs. His statement revealed a lot of information about the massive security breach Marriott disclosed in 2018, including the fact that literally millions of pieces of their customers’ most critical personal information was stolen… and left totally unencrypted. It’s clear that enterprises continue to struggle with appropriately protecting sensitive data based on the countless incidents like this impacting other organizations in recent years.

Incidents such as these show the urgent need corporations have for the technologies ISG provide: using a tool like AgileScan to ensure that all the data you are entrusted with on behalf of your customers is properly protected. While much of the data stolen from Marriott (at this time) appears to have been encrypted, it’s unknown how well it was encrypted. Many other organizations have fallen victim to weak encryption implementations in recent years.

Using AgileScan is essential to find those dark, hidden corners where data may be lurking unencrypted or poorly-encrypted. AgileScan can provide enterprises with proof of meeting their regulatory and compliance obligations around the protection of consumer data, and ISG’s Agility Platform transforms those applications and services that are providing encryption with a powerful and unique method of moving to a cryptographically agile state – allowing enterprises to rapidly pivot to newer and more powerful forms of encryption when current best practices demand a change.

Preventing both your current and legacy encrypted data from becoming weak and vulnerable to decryption or other crypto-related attacks - only ISG can provide that level of cryptographic assurance to global organizations who must do whatever it takes to keep their names out of tomorrow’s headlines.

If you'd like to learn more about the power of ISG's cryptography solutions, I encourage you to visit the links above, or reach out directly to me and schedule a demo of how our products can help you start your cryptography transition.