In the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, staying ahead of threats and vulnerabilities is paramount for organizations of all sizes. That is why our team is working hard to continuously develop our products but also to augment the capabilities of our partners’ innovative solutions. One such example of our commitment is seen through our integrations with Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud computing platform. Through our service integrations, InfoSec Global is at the forefront of maximizing the potential of Azure's security offerings. This blog post will delve into InfoSec Global's three innovative Azure service integrations: Microsoft Azure Sentinel Connector, Microsoft Azure Key Vault Scanner, and the upcoming Microsoft Entra ID, formerly Azure Active Directory, integration.

1. Microsoft Azure Sentinel Connector: Achieving Crypto-Agility

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a scalable and cloud-native platform offering a comprehensive suite of security capabilities, including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR). This powerful tool empowers organizations with intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence, enabling them to efficiently detect attacks, enhance threat visibility, proactively hunt for threats, and respond effectively. By consolidating these functions into a single solution, Microsoft Sentinel provides a holistic perspective on enterprise security, helping alleviate the challenges posed by complex attacks, a growing number of alerts, and lengthy resolution processes. The AgileSec™ Analytics connector augments Microsoft Sentinel's ability to manage identities and cryptography policies, automate remediation, and use AI to quickly assess threats directly from the Sentinel dashboard.

Core Capabilities:

  • Cryptographic Inventory: The AgileSec Analytics component, deployed separately, allows organizations to build a comprehensive inventory of cryptographic assets. It can analyze hosts, applications, and networks for cryptography usage.
  • Machine Identity Detection: This integration goes a step further by detecting machine identities, including X.509 certificates, private and public keys, SSH keys, keystores, and truststores present in hosts or embedded within applications.
  • Automated Threat Assessment: With the Microsoft Azure Sentinel connector, InfoSec Global empowers you to manage identities and automate remediation efforts. You can quickly assess threats using artificial intelligence, making your security posture more robust.
  • Cryptographic Mechanisms Assessment: InfoSec Global's solution also identifies cryptographic mechanisms, including cryptographic libraries and cryptographic algorithms embedded within applications.
  • Vulnerability and Compliance Assessment: It assesses cryptographic vulnerabilities and compliance gaps, ensuring that your security measures are up to the mark.
  • Seamless Integration: One of the standout features of InfoSec Global's Azure Sentinel Connector is the ability to export findings from AgileSec Analytics directly to Azure Sentinel, enabling advanced analysis and rapid incident response.

2. Azure Key Vault Scanner: A Glimpse into Cryptographic Material Usage

Microsoft Azure Key Vault serves as a robust safeguard for cryptographic keys and various sensitive secrets utilized by cloud applications and services. This versatile platform enables you to encrypt keys and small confidential information, such as passwords, all while ensuring these keys are securely stored within hardware security modules (HSMs). It simplifies the administration of centralized application secrets, enables access, and use monitoring, improves the performance, and reduces the latency of cloud applications. The AgileSec™ Analytics integration expands the Azure Key Vault's ability to detect compromised keys and identify vulnerable cryptographic implementations.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Cryptographic Inventory: Create a centralized inventory of certificates, secrets, and keys discovered within a digital ecosystem, including hosts, applications, network, key vaults, and others.
  • Identify Where Keys From Key Vault Are Used: Correlate the data collected from multiple sources to automatically identify where the Keys that are present in Azure Key vault are used within a digital ecosystem.
  • Assess Vulnerabilities and Compliance Gaps: Automatically identify cryptographic vulnerabilities, including compromised or misused keys and compliance gaps.
  • Post-Quantum Preparation: Receive expert guidance regarding the management of your cryptographic keys in relation to the preparation to migrate to post-quantum security.
  • Multi-Vault and Multi-Tenant Support: It can scan across multiple vaults and operate efficiently in multi-tenant Azure environments, making it a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • Dependency Insights: Gain deep insights into how cryptographic material is used and identify the machines dependent on a specific key, facilitating smoother key rotation processes.

3. Microsoft Entra ID Integration (Launching Soon): Elevating Identity Management

Microsoft Entra ID is a solution for owning and controlling digital identities. This comprehensive product family includes Microsoft Entra Verified ID, focusing on decentralized identities. Microsoft Entra ID offers a wide range of capabilities, from securing access to resources for all users and verifying identities across hybrid and multi-cloud environments to simplifying user experiences with real-time intelligent access decisions. The AgileSec™ Analytics integration will provide greater insight into the identities’ usage patterns and provide extra layer of security to prevent impersonations.

Upcoming Features:

  • Impersonation Alerts: InfoSec Global's Entra ID integration will also empower you to receive alerts in case of identity impersonations, enabling you to take proactive security measures.
  • User and Machine Identity Gathering: With the forthcoming Entra ID integration, InfoSec Global will provide the capability to gather user and machine identities, offering a comprehensive view of your identity landscape.
  • Consumption Standards: Get insights into identity consumption standards, helping you ensure that identities are used in accordance with best practices and security guidelines.
  • Workload ID Mapping: Map how identities are used and created across your environment, allowing for a better understanding of identity usage patterns.
  • Granular Insights: Finally, this integration will provide granular details about workload IDs, including where, how, and when they are consumed.

In conclusion, InfoSec Global's Microsoft Azure service integrations are poised to enhance your organization's security posture significantly. From crypto-agility through the Azure Sentinel Connector to comprehensive insights into cryptographic material usage with the Azure Key Vault Scanner, and the upcoming Entra ID integration for elevated identity management, InfoSec Global is on a mission to make your Azure experience safer and more secure.

Stay tuned for the launch of Microsoft Entra ID integration, and in the meantime, explore the power of InfoSec Global's existing Azure solutions to bolster your cybersecurity defenses. Your digital assets deserve nothing less than the best protection, and with InfoSec Global, you are in safe hands.

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